• MyFenjol Mail Offers Easy Ways to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF

FeaturesThe features of MyFenjol Mail

Responsive design

It has been designed to keep it simple and intuitive


MyFenjol Mail organizes all emails and attachments in folders

Easy to Convert

You can easily Convert Emails and Attachments to Pdfs


Convert full Labels from Gmail to folder and Save it on computer


Every File has been very well organized and named with subject of the email.

Date and Keyword

Convert emails according to date and keywords. Save them in separate folders

Product knowledge

MyFenjol-Mail to PDF File Converter is going to be one of the very innovative tools in the field of Digital Applications. MyFenjol-Mail is a free app for Mac and Windows that quickly and efficiently converts your emails into PDF files. To save you valuable time and headaches, the converting process is lightning fast and unbelievably easy. Simply convert your emails according to date range, labels or sublabels and then save them in PDF format. It really is that simple. And the good new is its free.

How to get it

Now you can download MyFenjol Mail App from Apple Store for iMacs and Macbooks. Click here

Windows version is available on our website

Product license

MyFenjol Mail is free for everyone.

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